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Arrears & the Pandemic: Factors to Consider When Seeking Relief

The coronavirus pandemic has made life challenging for all of us on some front, whether economically, socially, or emotionally. Many have lost jobs due to companies closing their doors or have been instructed to stay home from work because of their...

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The Emerging Challenges COVID-19 Poses to Parental Rights

The widespread reach of the current pandemic has caused significant disruption to the U.S. court system. Most courts are closed, hearings are being held online – there is simply no precedent for these present conditions. In addition to the...

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How to Manage As a Divorced Parent During COVID-19

Are you missing your child due to social isolation? If your former partner is keeping you from your child, please understand you are not alone. COVID-19 isolation has created a new set of legal issues for divorced parents and/or parents who never...

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