Four Most Frequently Asked Questions

Law Office of Jana K. Jones, PLLC | Charlotte & Mint Hill, NC

1.) What is the consultation and why do I need to have one with you?

The consultation is conversation—similar to an interview. The consultation is an opportunity to learn what the law says about your case, and it gives you an opportunity to get to know me and my approach. You will leave the consultation with a clear understanding of how the law applies in your case, what it will cost to retain me, and that by retaining my services you get an attorney who is knowledgeable, compassionate and honest. I am experienced, I genuinely care about you and your family, and I will always be honest, even if that means telling you something you may not want to hear. Give us a call, I look forward to speaking with you soon!

My fees for reviewing pleadings/providing advice, drafting pleadings that you file on your own, and full representation are all different levels of service that come with different pricing. The range is from $500.00 to $15,000.00. However, these fees are flat fees. Click the link for additional information on the my Flat Fee Structure.

3.) How long will the process take?

We will go over estimates in your consultation. There are several factors that determine how long your case will last including, but not limited to: where you are in the case, whether or not the other side is pro-se or represented by counsel, and your end goal. This is a difficult time in your life; you are trying to get to the other side after a heartbreak—romantic or otherwise. My job is to make your life easier, not harder. I have no interest in prolonging a case. My goal is to get your case concluded in your favor as soon as possible so that you can move on with your life.

4.) Who will I work with?

You will work directly with me. You won’t get pawned off to a paralegal or an associate. I am the one you speak with during your consultation, I draft the pleadings for your case, I research the caselaw, I compose the trial notebook, and I represent you in court. I practice in Mecklenburg County exclusively so that I am able to serve the needs of my clients efficiently. I am familiar with the Local Rules for Mecklenburg County as well as the judges, clerks and Family Court administrative staff.