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Fathers' Rights Attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina

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What You Should Know About Father's Rights in Charlotte & Mint Hill, NC

Family courts are supposed to look out for your child's best interests. Ideally, the court would grant equal parental rights to both the father and the mother when it comes to child custody and visitation rulings. The Law Office of Jana K. Jones, PLLC will fight for your rights as a father. We can help the court see that your involvement in your child's life is what's truly best for them.

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Understand Your Rights

Are You a Father Seeking Child Support in Charlotte or Mint Hill, NC?

If you have custody of your child and are seeking child support, you can trust Attorney Jones to help you move forward. Who gets child support - and how much they get - is determined by a variety of factors. We'll break down the basics:

  • Who gets child support? The parent with primary custody of the child will get child support. Even in joint custody situations, one parent might still be eligible for child support.

  • How is child support calculated? By looking at many factors. Some factors include the number of children in a household, the number of overnight stays with each parent, the gross income of the parent and the child's health insurance and child care needs.

  • How can you obtain child support? An attorney can help you file for child support in the county where the parent or child lives.

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