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Guiding Philosophy

Purpose Statement

At the Law Office of Jana K Jones, PLLC, our purpose is to be a beacon of compassion, advocacy, and excellence in family law. We champion the rights and well-being of all family members, providing support in divorce, child custody, and more. Our vision is a future where families find resolution with empathy, guided by justice and integrity. We aim to make a positive impact on our clients and community, ensuring every family's journey is filled with compassion, dignity, and hope.

Our Firm's Values

  1. Growth Mindset: We embrace intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness, and thinking outside the box. We challenge the status quo and adopt an attitude of experimentation to continually progress.

  2. Ownership: We take ownership over our work and our culture. Our team members are empowered to take initiative and pursue results with a relentless focus on quality.

  3. Genuine Connections: We prioritize building strong relationships within our team, with clients, and within our wider community. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs and provide exceptional service.

Mission Statement:

At the Law Office of Jana K. Jones, PLLC our mission is to provide comprehensive legal support in family law matters while specifically advocating for the rights and well-being of fathers. We are committed to breaking stereotypes and challenging traditional norms to ensure equitable outcomes for fathers facing family-related challenges. Through strategic legal expertise, empathy, and unwavering dedication, we strive to empower fathers to play an active and meaningful role in their children’s lives. Our ultimate goal is to foster stronger, loving, and fulfilling family bonds, positively impacting the lives of both fathers and their children.

Vision Statement:

At the Law Office of Jana K Jones, PLLC, our vision is to be a beacon of compassion, advocacy, and excellence in all aspects of family law. We are committed to championing the rights and best interests of fathers, mothers, and children alike, ensuring fair and equitable resolutions in every case.

Our vision encompasses providing unwavering support in various family law matters, including divorce, child custody, visitation rights, child support, spousal support, and property division. We strive to guide our clients through the complexities of legal proceedings, offering empathetic and expert advice at every step.

As advocates for fathers, we are dedicated to empowering them to maintain active and meaningful roles in their children’s lives, fostering loving relationships that stand the test of time. We also endeavor to protect the rights of mothers and safeguard the well-being of children, advocating for their safety and happiness above all else.

By combining our legal expertise with a deep sense of empathy, we envision a future where families can overcome challenges and find resolution with grace and understanding. Our commitment to justice, fairness, and integrity drives us to create nurturing legal environments where families can heal, thrive, and build brighter futures.

Through our vision, we aspire to contribute to a society where family bonds are cherished, and the voices of all family members are heard. By upholding the principles of compassion, integrity, and respect, we aim to leave a lasting positive impact on the lives of our clients and our community, ensuring that every family’s journey is guided by compassion, dignity, and hope.