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Why Dads?


Like over half the children in this country, my parent's marriage ended in divorce. Why was I lucky? Because no matter how tumultuous my parents' relationship got, they never tried to turn me against one another. My mother would tell you to this day that my father was a terrible husband, but he was an incredible father.

At the Law Office of Jana K. Jones, PLLC, we are proud to offer dad-driven, father-focused representation. The reason I am so passionate about fathers having a role in their child's life is because much of who I am and any success I've had comes from the lessons my father taught me. Lessons I would have missed out on had my mother been too bitter to let him be the father I needed. Fathers bring a unique perspective to their children's lives. Fathers should not be denied access to their children because they do not get along with mothers. Children should have as much access to each parent as possible. I fight for fathers because I believe every child should have the opportunity to have a thriving relationship with their dad.

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