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Client Success Stories

The following testimonials were left by former clients on my Google review page.

Extreme Professionalism

Attorney Jana Jones recently completed an extraordinary job on my case. I can admit that not all attorneys are created equal .She proved that some are actually professional, proficient, honest, and diligent. Both she and her staff (Carmella) make you forget that you are dealing with a traumatizing situation. This is because they are solution based and focused on getting you your life back. Attorney Jones got me equal time with my son and did it with extreme professionalism. She was not adversarial as that is counterproductive to the process but can be if needed ,and does not play court games and does not grandstand before the court like an episode of Matlock. She understands the laws and the complicated court process. She did not waste time and gets right down to business to ensure her client can be treated fairly in the process. She is solution based and deals with facts to bring closure to your situation.

I do not wish anybody to go through this process. However, I can honestly say that if life ever throws you a curve ball in the way of custody, child support, or divorce Attorney Jana Jones will knock it out of the park for you and allow you to focus on your bright future ahead. Without her and her staffs organization my son and I would not have been able to move forward in life with a joint relationship. This is all due to Attorney Jones passion and vigilance when it comes to representing her clients and their best interests.

- Russel

HIGHLY Recommend Attorney

Words cannot express the great experience that I had with Attorney Jones and her staff in what is a challenging and difficult situation for anyone. She is straight-forward and to the point but also is kind and puts one at ease. She does an an excellent job of being responsive, communication, and follow-up. Moreover, she always had time for questions and supports you throughout the process. Divorce and family issues are tough and I wish that no one has to experience it. However, I HIGHLY recommend Attorney Jones as she provides sound legal advice but remembers the human side as well. I definitely recommend Attorney Jana K. Jones.

- Kymani Matthews

Appreciate Her Knowledge, Professionalism,

Attorney Jones took my case on with little notice. I appreciate her knowledge, professionalism, and perseverance.

- Rhonda Fisher

Recommend This Law Office

The office of Jana K. Jones is amazingly staffed. Everyone is professional, kind, helpful, and dedicated to getting each client what they request. I would refer and recommend this law office to everyone.

- Titus Johnson

Unmatched in Court Room

Attorney Jana K. Jones is very professional, kind, highly competent, well versed and ready to fight for you in court. She proved thorough and prepared, always staying ten steps ahead and never losing sight on what was most important. She offered solid advice and guidance up to the court day and even encouragement on the lunch break. Her calmness and strong presence in the court room is unmatched. She’s solid. She is also a lawyer that takes the high road. She does not resort to petty things that are not pertinent to the case. Attorney Jones fought for what was most important —the well being of our children. Thanks to her, we now have primary custody of our boys. We can’t thank her enough and would readily recommend her because she is someone with integrity and heart. So once again, thank you, Attorney Jana K. Jones for all you’ve done for us!


Emi & Scott Byam

- emi86 sunflower

High Recommend

I hired attorney Jones after my lawyer change practices to represent me during a custody case. From the initial consultation attorney Jones was informative and down to earth to talk to. She made me at ease. During my case attorney Jones and her assistant kept me up to date regarding my case. She always made time for me when I had questions. She explained everything in a manner I could understand. Finally she was able to get me the results I was seeking. I highly recommend this firm and again thank you Attorney Jones.

- Gods Son

Highly Professional

Mrs. Jones and her office staff are highly professional. The customer service is great. Mrs. Jones represented me in my cs case, she delivered as she promised. I'm happy that I chose her to represent me. She is very knowledgeable about cs law.

- Nowah Kamara

High Recommend and Very Responsive

Great experience with Attorney Jones and her staff. Very responsive via email, text, or by phone. My questions were always answered in a timely manner. Attorney Jones did a great job of explaining how my case would be handled and keeping me informed of the next steps. Highly recommend!!

- Kevin Stimson

Good Family Law Lawyer

Jana works hard for each of her clients. Anytime we refer a case to her we are confident that she and her team will take good care of them. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a good family law lawyer.

- Ryan Stowe

High Recommend

Mrs. Jana K. Jones was a straight-shooting attorney who communicated well, and was knowledgeable of the court system, as well as very professional. I would high recommend for anyone who is need of great attorney.

- Kent Smith

Truly Grateful

Jana k. Jones thank you so much for helping me get primary care of my daughter. This has been a long journey for me. I am truly grateful for you and your team! Thank you so much!!

- Tamekia Alexander

Bottom line - She is really good

Mrs. Jones represented me in a CS case and she delivered what she promised.

I remembered when I first interviewed her, I knew she would do a good job. However, she didn’t do a good job, she did an excellent job representing me.

She responded all my emails in a timely manner, her assistant was always there with reminders and more.

I worked with another lawyer before her and I learned how hard is to find a good family lawyer. Particularly those on the side of the father and I strongly recommend Jana Jones. You will not regret hiring her, she is very knowledgeable and she will have your best interest in mind when going to court. She know her way around the court and knows exactly how to address toughest judges.

Bottom line…. She is really good

One more thing and most important… when it comes to legal services… she is fair when it comes to her fees. You will not have any billing surprises, if you used legal services before you would know what I am talking about it. She is there to do the job, not to get your money.

- Carlos Gonzalez

Extremely Knowledgeable and Understanding

Attorney Jones is the best! I went to several lawyers before I contacted her. She’s extremely knowledgeable and understanding. Due to the nature of my situation I feel like I will need to seek legal advice again soon but I will definitely be going back to her!

- Michael Cooks

Sense of Relief

I would like to personally take this opportunity to wholeheartedly express my gratitude and appreciation to you for your decision to take ownership of my case. When I came to know that you had taken my case, the first thing I felt was a sense of relief sweeping. Personally, I think that You are one of the top and maybe the best in Charlotte in your field. My belief was only reinforced when we talked for the first time last year in 2020. The moment we spoke I knew I had a realistic chance at winning this case. Fortunately for me, I was proved right all thanks to you that single dads do have rights also. God Bless.

- Otis D.

They Have My Back

Was able to get issues resolved and I'm more then happy for there help. It was scary dealing with all of this but they made it to where I would not only have peace but know that they have my back. I THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart and would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone who needs help.

- Kwamane H.

Made the Process Stress Free

Attorney Jones and her assistant were extremely insightful and helped me navigate the process of getting a proposed consent order signed. Attorney Jones was able to explain all of the process and legal jargon to me in plain English so that I was able to understand everything that I was reading and signing. She made the process as stress free and as simple as possible and was very prompt when responding to emails and providing updates.

- Nicole E.

Definitely Recommend

Great communication, everything was explained well throughout the process. The staff were very helpful & I received results in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend this law firm. Thank you so much!

- Mitchell S.

Greatly Appreciate the Service

The case that I had the Law Office of Jana Jones work with me on was made easy and convenient by this firm. She as well as the staff was communicative and very professional. I greatly appreciate the service that I got and wouldn't mind doing business again with this law firm, hopefully not for the same reason.

- Ivan A.

Gets Results

Very resourceful and fast to attend to the matter. Even during the pandemic, she was able to get the results that we were seeking. Really stepped in and asserted herself, in my interest. I would recommend to others

- Marc

Very Thorough

Attorney Jana Jones was very attentive and sensitive to my needs in handling my case. She was very thorough and explained every step of the process. Great response time and communication. She was also very affordable. Excellent customer service. Even her follow up after my claim was closed was superb! I highly recommend her office to anyone seeking an attorney in her field.

- Catherine S.

Highly Recommend

High accolades to Jana Jones. Definitely the best lawyer in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Even though my case took longer than expected, Jana pushed hard and kept me well-informed during the process. I would highly recommend the Law Office of Jana K. Jones to anyone in need!

- Rodrick G.

Very Professional and Responsive

Jana was very professional and very responsive to every question I had through this process. I highly recommend her practice.

- David Sanders

Gave Me Peace of Mind

Jana did a wonderful job guiding me through the difficult process of legal separation. She always kept me grounded, and gave me peace of mind when faced with awkward situations involving the opposing legal team. Thanks Jana!

- Hann Nott

Extremely Informative

I am very grateful for the assistance I needed with my custody case. Ms. Jones was extremely informative and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her!

- Gladys Delahunt

10 Out of 5 Stars

Is there an option for 10 stars? :)

Attorney Jones, I cannot thank you enough for your hard work, time, and dedication you put toward my case. Your level of professionalism, work ethic, and communication were beyond measure. Hopefully, I will not end up in another situation like before, but it's good to know there are still great attorneys who really look out for the best interest of their clients. Again, I THANK YOU!

- James Houston

Very Responsive

Great team and very responsive.

- Oyetih

Highly Recommend

I am very grateful for the assistance I needed with my custody case. Ms. Jones was extremely informative and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her!

- Angela Morrow

Compassionate and Professional

Ms. Jones is very compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable.

- Sanique Pierce

Knowledge and Confidence in Her Field

From the beginning I was a little nervous but Attorney Jones made me feel comfortable. Attorney Jones’s knowledge and confidence in her field was splendid!!!! Thank you guys!!!!

- Randall L.

No Stone Unturned

Working with Jana was great. Continuous communication, updates, professional. There's no stone unturned. Thank You! For your representation.

- Dominque W.

Not Even a Pandemic Was a Match for Jana

My son loves his daughter more than life. He was so defeated and afraid to go into court and fight for his fatherly rights. When he was ready to act, we reached out to Jana's office and it was a wrap! Jana was professional, efficient, extremely responsive and meticulous throughout the process. She prepared everything perfectly and gave my son the confidence he needed to reach a clear concise parenting agreement with his baby's mother. Not even a pandemic was a match for Jana. She handled everything down to the last detail, and helped my son get efficient time with his daughter and me with my only granddaughter. Thanks to Jana Jones and her staff, for helping us get our heart back!

- Ericka J.

Best Lawyer I've Ever Talked To

I was very impressed after speaking to Jana. She answered all my questions with honesty. She’s very friendly and informative! The best lawyer I’ve ever talked to!

- Jarad T.

There's No One Better to Have on Your Side

I highly recommend Jana K. Jones for separation/divorce legal representation. Jana’s professionalism, experience, knowledge and guidance are invaluable. She is unquestionably among the absolute best divorce attorneys in the Charlotte, NC area. Jana will be your partner throughout the entire process and there’s no one better to have on your side!

- Mark T.

Accommodating and Professional

Jana showed professionalism and worked for me. While the COVID issue made communication more difficult than I liked she did her best to accommodate.

- Joseph G.

Honest and Knowledgeable

I've only had a consultation as of now, but Ms. Jones was honest and had plenty of knowledge for the questions I asked. She wasn't out for money, she gave me answers I didn't want to hear, but they were the truth! I had an appointment within 24 hours of my call, and I had constant email to keep me informed with information I needed. I will be in touch with her when it's time to move forward with my divorce.

- Elizabeth Asay

Professional and Passionate

Attorney Jones delivers with professional work with passion. She caters to her clients with care, precision, honesty and integrity. She puts your rights, your time & your needs first by giving honest expectations and providing timely responses. Always prepared and fights vehemently for her clients.

- Samuel Thomas

Poised, Knowledgeable, and Always Prepared

Jana Jones Kelly is one of the elite family law attorneys in the Charlotte, NC area. It's rare to have someone that is as sharp as she inside and outside the courtroom. Whether negotiating with the other side or arguing in front of a judge, she is poised, knowledgeable, and always prepared. All of that is second to her ability to connect with her clients in order to understand their situation and guide them through what is often one of the most devastating periods of their life. If you need a family law attorney in Mecklenburg County, NC, do yourself a favor and call Mrs. Jones!

- Damon Pendleton

Very Helpful and Knowledgeable

Jana Jones was very helpful and knowledgeable. Her professionalism, Attention to detail and responsibility far exceeded my expectation. She was able to handle my needs very quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend her and and seek her services in the future.

- Pamela Henry

Incredible Energy

Kindred spirits! Jana has incredible energy coupled with tenderness that assures you everything is going to be alright. She was extremely patient with explaining what to expect and how to strategize for the best and worse case scenarios. I'm a fan!

- Chacara Harvin

Very Responsive

Jana was very professional. She was always very responsive and made sure I understood every step of the process.

- Keonta Best

Very Caring and Compassionate

Attorney Jones is a very caring and compassionate attorney who pays very close attention to detail. She is prompt and courteous!

- davis8312

Very Friendly

Very friendly people and very helpful

- Monique Henley