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What About Moms?

As a family law attorney who regularly practices in Child Support Enforcement Court, I have witnessed the system favor mothers over fathers time and time again-especially when these fathers do not have an attorney. Generally, moms are able to go to Child Support Enforcement and get Worksheet A child support against fathers without much fanfare. There is no reason for a mom to spend money with me or any other attorney when she can get the work done for free.

However, if you are a mother who is having challenges getting child support or your child's father is abusive, manipulative, is attempting to keep you from your children, or any other reason why you believe you need advice or representation, know that I do not discriminate. My passion for fathers is based on my desire to fight for equality, not because I have anything against mothers. I'm a mother who happily represents other mothers. Give my office a call to schedule your consultation, I'll gladly fight for your rights as well!

Attorney Jana Jones and her daughter